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Past Events and Activities

PeaceJam Europe supports the operations of PeaceJam affiliates offices, university chapters, student clubs, and youth teams throughout Europe by providing tools, training, event support, professional development opportunities, and outreach.

2020 Activities

  • PeaceJam Pan-European Youth Conference: Youth for an Inclusive Europe. November 2021. With Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams from Vermont.

  • PeaceJam Peer Training Programme. September 2020. A dozen young adults graduated this week-long intensive course which was developed in association with EPTO, forming the start of a pool of certified trainers for PeaceJam in Belgium. The peer-trainers followed on their course through implementation of virtual programming within Belgium and throughout the European network. 

  • Peacejam Belgium Youth Conference. March 2020. With Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum from Guatemala.

  • Establishment of the European Youth Team. Year-long. In 2020, the 30 young people composing the EYT played a key role in designing and implementing PeaceJam’s first online conference. Since then, the EYT continues to steer PeaceJam activities and programming including hosting their own series of online issue-based workshops and community dialogues. 

  • Development of Training Resources. Year-long. These resources will support youth and national teams across Europe to strengthen their programming:

    • PeaceJam Guide: How to Implement Your Own Youth-Led Workshop, 

    • Guidelines for Partners: Implementing a PeaceJam National Peer-Training

    • PeaceJam and EPTO Activity Handbook: A Peer-Training Resource

  • Building Community Online. Year-long. In light of the pandemic, Stichting PeaceJam Europe coordinated myriad online events in association with our partners, including:

    • Hosting a social good campaign on Billion Acts of Peace, with 46 contribnuting projects aimed at creating more inclusive communities in Europe, November 2020.

    • Presenting "Peace Education for Environmental Awareness" at the eTwinning network annual conference, October 2020.

    • Hosting an online mentor training with PeaceJam UK and PeaceJam Foundation to prepare 45 young adults  to lead online group discussions with their younger peers. October 2020.

    • Leading a virtual learning module for the eTwinning European teacher platform entitled “Teacher and Facilitator? Let’s Build on your Facilitation Skills with PeaceJam!" which trained 88 teachers, Summer 2020.

    • Hosting 4 teacher trainings online with PeaceJam UK to teach critical virtual social-emotional learning tools, Spring 2020.

    • Supporting global PeaceJam initiatives including weekly online 'Saturday Sessions' where young people worldwide found community and shared knowledge during the pandemic. September-December 2020.

  • Communication and Outreach. Year-long. The European Coordinator and a cadre of youth volunteers worked throughout the year to promote events, trainings, and opportunities to youth throughout PeaceJam's European network through engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and our website.

2019 Activities

  • Development of PeaceJam's Safeguarding Policy. September 2019.

  • Safeguarding Training with European Staff and Partners. September 2019.

  • Hiring a PeaceJam European Coordinator. August 2019.

  • Launch of PeaceJam Europe Website & Social Media. Year-long.

  • Onboarding of new PeaceJam Chapters in Morocco and Czech Republic. February 2019.

  • Hosting eTwinning Online Teacher Training Modules. March and November 2019

  • Supporting National Youth Conferences. Year-long:

    • PeaceJam UK Conference with Betty Williams, March 2019.

    • PeaceJam Belgium Conference with Tawakkol Karman, February 2019.

  • Supporting National Teacher Trainings. Year-long. Trainings were held in the UK, Romania, Netherlands, Greece, and Belgium.

  • Fostering European Partnerships. Year-long.

  • Development of an Evaluation Framework. Summer 2020. The MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning) Framework is a tool for all PeaceJam European partners to assess programmatic impact.

  • Fundraising for PeaceJam's European Network. Year-long.

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