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Doubling Down on Togetherness

The Dalai Lama with PeaceJammers, Peace Jam

Priya Parker in her profound book called the ‘Art Of Gathering’ opens with saying that ‘The Way we gather matters’. Knowingly or (not)- we are in relational spaces with others. Whether the space is a classroom, a PeaceJam conference or your family gathering- we soak in the information we’re being presented with from start to finish.

So how can we curate events that are infused with meaning, purpose and intention rather than ‘not’?

There are so many organisations out there, so many events you can go to.

What makes a gathering unique? What makes Peace Jam a one-of-a-kind experience?

Next time- you organise a gathering, look into these core principles;

  1. What is your intention for the gathering? 

  2. Once you identify what your intention is- spend some time carefully planning what the event is going to look like. Your event starts way before the gathering.

  3. Incentivise; What can people take away from this network/event/gathering/conference?

So next time you are planning an event- ask yourself; 

Why are we here? Why do we intend to gather?

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