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Updated: Sep 8, 2021


We’re Jono, Fatima, Ellie, Roan, Vera and Apollinaria! We’re the ones managing the newsletter side of the website, uploading articles and creating blog posts about our awesome initiatives and opportunities you can get involved with. Jono, Elli and Roan are our veterans from conferences as early as 2016, and Vera and Apollinaria have joined the dream team more recently. We want to try and create a place where people can get an understanding of what the EYT are doing and thinking.

Contact us if you have writing materials to share or want to get published on our website.


New’s Letter Team! PROJECTS TEAM: The Projects team is made up of Luke, Ellie, Koby, Kai and Michail. We currently have several main projects which include; Supporting the Garrison Institute with their 3-day Peace and Leadership Summit, supporting a school in Romania with guest-speakers visiting their lessons, working closely with the Laureate of the Future Awards and supporting the current and future awardees, working on a series of workshops around mental health with PeaceJam UK and also supporting an LGBTIQ organisation, African Rainbow Family, with Drama and laughter workshops.

We are always open for new ideas for future projects and organisations to support! Thanks, Projects Team!


The Events team consists of six wonderful people, Amets, Benoit, Jordan, Hannah, Meric and Vera (yes, the same Vera from the newsletter team), who are all super motivated. We create inspiring and ground breaking events related to not only PeaceJam but also about youth advocacy in general. Some of you might have joined our Christmas party, or heard about our upcoming events like our very own talk show! Like the PeaceJam Youth Team we are also slowly growing and expanding.

So keep your eyes and ears open, we all have some very interesting and cool things planned for the future. Multinational Thanks, Events Team! DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS TEAM:

We’re Monserrat, Esther, Clara, Mustapha, and Amets (yes, the same Amets from the Events team) and we make up the digital communications team! We are the ones behind creating the content that you see on our social media pages and make sure the website is running smoothly. If you send us a message or write a comment and get a reply, either one of us is the one talking to you. Every time you like, share, react, it brings a smile to our face. Feel free to reach out to us with ideas, questions, comments, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

If you’d like to learn more about handling a social media account or creating and managing a website, let us know; the more the merrier!

We wish you a lot of love and peace,

Digital Communications team.

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