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The Christmas traditions in Transylvania, Romania

Hi! Winter is coming and I think we all know what that means….Christmas is near!

Here in Romania, we have a lot of old and interesting Christmas traditions, but unfortunately, not many of them were well preserved. However, today I will share with you the ones that still bring and keep the Christmas spirit in Transylvania.

Transylvania is a region in Romania. A lot of different religions and ethnicities have lived here over the years and most of them have laid their mark on the cultural heritage.

If you come to Transylvania you will be amazed to take part in two celebrations dedicated to young people who gather carols, dance and Christmas happiness, namely The Boys Caroling Group or in Carol Evenings For Unmarried Girls.

The Boys Caroling Group or Butea Feciorilor, as called in Romanian, is the oldest tradition practiced in Alba-Iulia. It starts on the advent festival and it ends on Christmas day when boys from different villages meet up and go caroling through the villages dressed in traditional clothes. At the end of the caroling, they all organize a party where the girls are invited.

Another amazing tradition is Carol Evenings for Unmarried Girls or, in Romanian, Colindul Fetelor Nemăritate. Boys dressed in colorful, traditional clothes take their hometown to go looking for unmarried girls. As the legend says, the group is led by a handsome man who is called the Mayor. He collects all the money received for carols to organize the ball where the unmarried girls are invited. At the ball all boys and girls sing carols, dance to traditional music and bring Christmas happiness to all the village.

How does your country celebrate the upcoming holidays? What are your favourite traditions? Leave them in the comments below!

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