PeaceJam UK: Generation Change

We are working closely with PeaceJam UK to develop and deliver a series of workshops to young people across Europe. Helping them to find motivation and drive following the affects of the pandemic and lockdown.

Generation Change –
The EYT is helping to provide Urgent Covid-19 Relief for 3,000 UK Youth

The EYT are currently in the piloting stage of project “Generation change” – an initiative that will provide urgent support for 3,000 young people in the UK affected by Covid-19, and the subsequent issues that have emerged in their lives and communities. Our transformational programme harnesses the powerful near-peer experience that takes place between our EYT members and University students aged 18-30, and young people aged 13-16.

The prevalent narrative that Covid-19 has ruined an entire generation's future prospects is damaging young people's mental health and well-being and is also untrue!

In a recent survey conducted by YoungMinds, 67% of young people believed that the pandemic would have a long-term negative effect on their mental health. This project will provide well-being support for 3,000 UK youth, reclaiming 'Generation Covid' as 'Generation Change' because empowered young people can be a positive force.

The EYT have collaborated with PeaceJam UK, to train mentors who will deliver online workshops focusing on boosting self-esteem, recognizing self-worth, coping with change, envisioning the future and creating positive pathways to achieving goals. The workshops will provide 'mutual healing' opportunities, benefitting both mentors aged 18-30 and young people aged 13-16.

So far, our EYT projects team have held a series of scoping sessions to better understand the needs of youth aged 13-16. We are now in the process of receiving training, with the help of laughter therapist, Robin Graham. We hope to pilot the workshops by the end of July 2021!