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PeaceJam Europe Policy on Safeguarding Children, 
Young People and Vulnerable Adults

General purpose statement

The mission of the PeaceJam Foundation is to provide opportunities for the creation of a new generation of young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates. In that regard, PeaceJam Foundation seeks to provide a safe and secure environment for the children who participate in our programmes and activities. By implementing the below practices, our goal is to protect the children participating in a PeaceJam Foundation programme from incidents of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour while also protecting our staff and volunteers (workers) and avoid potential misunderstandings that may lead to false allegations of child/youth/vulnerable adults abuse.


Safeguarding Policy Statement

As PeaceJam Europe, we believe that everyone has a responsibility to promote the safeguarding and well-being of all children, young persons and vulnerable adults; to practice in a way that protects them from all form of potential harm and violence.

We are committed to creating safe practices, approaches, interventions and environments that respects children’s, youth’s and vulnerable adults’ physical and mental integrity, space and privacy, regardless of disability, ethnic origin, religion or belief, gender reassignment, sex, or sexual orientation. We will challenge and will not tolerate harm, discrimination, inequality, neglect, exclusion or abuse.

We are dedicated to support all who work or are engaged with us in implementing this safeguarding policy; we ensure to provide them with opportunities to develop and maintain the necessary skills and understanding to safeguard children, youth and vulnerable adults.
We engage to address safeguarding throughout our work and our partners’ work, through the three pillars of prevention, reporting and response.


Click here to view our current PeaceJam Europe Safeguarding Policy. 

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