To achieve my dream...

Hi, my name is Murtaza Hassani,


I knew About Laureate of the Future, from my friend. and then I applied for it, so as the PeaceJam has already provided how they work, and I have this opportunity to say thanks for their help!
Today I am happy that I can share my dream with all the people around the world. Using our technology and we all know that we really need to know what technology can do for our daily lives.
That’s why I am trying to do this, especially with migrants because they need someone to help them and show them the right way.


To achieve my dream, I built WorldCom.
WorldCom is a web application that will help refugees a lot in the future, WorldCom is a place that they will have access to the right information, the lesson about programming, and Career counselling.
I believe we can make a better place for refugees; they are the ones who lost everything and they need to start from scratch, this is the most difficult situation that a person can see, also this is what I faced.
I understand them very well, and I just need support to help them, I am really thankful for PeaceJams support, especially with mentors, they provided an experienced mentor to help with my project, they helped me how to make my project more helpful for others and create more preferences, and help to get exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking, the most important advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses, Guidance on professional development and advancement, The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge and so on. when someone does such of effort for free, it could be so valuable. and I am trying to give this effort back to the others.