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PeaceJam Greece

The aim of EIMAI NEOS is to empower youth in Greece with transformative experiential opportunities to cultivate their distinct leadership potential with the 21st century skills, humanistic values, intercultural awareness, and advocacy tools to navigate through the complexities of the world & their life as citizen leaders with integrity and purpose.

Our experience as teachers, university instructors and psychologists working in private, IB and international schools during the last 15 years in Greece  has given us tremendous tools to work with local and refugee youth. We work together on improving the major challenges in Greek society: increase in poverty & social exclusion, hate crimes & vandalism, refugee migration and cultural “mis-understanding”, rise in political extremism , corruption, “brain drain”-economic migration of Greek youth abroad, and social injustice.

 We are a non-profit organisation that works entirely on volunteer efforts with 12 primary volunteer staff, 24 seasonal volunteers/consultants and 20 university mentors.

Ellen Froustis


PeaceJam UK

Established in 2006, PeaceJam UK is an affiliate of the PeaceJam Foundation and uses the experiences and stories of 14 Nobel Peace Prize winners, to inspire and empower young people to make positive change in themselves, their communities and in the world. PeaceJam achieves this through engaging students aged 5-25 in schools, youth groups and Universities around the UK, through our model: inspiration, education and action.

Inspiration is provided through the examples of and direct contact at the annual youth conferences with 14 Nobel Peace Laureates who have achieved the advancement of peace in adverse conditions. We also run one-day events, known as PeaceJam Slams, to introduce young people to PeaceJam. These can be run in a school or a community space.

Education is delivered through our comprehensive curricular which covers power, privilege, social justice, human rights and conflict resolution.

Action is taken through PeaceJam’s 1 Billion Acts of Peace campaign, whereby young people: decide which issues are most pressing to them; research the root causes of these issues, and tackle issues through their social change projects.


To date, 3,500 young people participate in the PeaceJam programme every year in the UK. We have run eleven high-energy, interactive youth conferences, each with a different Nobel Laureate, with around 250 young people between 13-18, plus University mentors and volunteers, teachers and youth leaders. A total of 72 schools and youth groups have implemented our curriculum, and 1,200 million acts of peace projects have been produced by young people in the UK.

Caroline Millman

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PeaceJam Belgium

Education pour la Paix / Onderwijs voor Vrede aims to carry out, develop and participate in all projects supporting development, education and teaching for young people. This goal is pursued while respecting the vision of the values of the PeaceJam programme.

Our vision is to create a new generation of actors, decision makers of tomorrow's change (Changemaker) for an objective of peace and pacification in the world, by using a powerful educational program for young people, and thus unleashing their potential to create a more inclusive world.

PeaceJam Belgium partners with 4 Belgium universities (ULB, VLB, KUL and UCL) to implement the PeaceJam programme, therefore acting as a link between the Flemish and Walloon communities.


Maria Oliver Burguera


PeaceJam Czech Republic

Mírový Džem

Mírový Džem was created in 2019. We seek to inspire young people to become active citizens and agents for positive change in a multicultural and interconnected world.


Our programme consists of three components: Education, Inspiration and Action.

The Education component is contained in our learning materials. The Inspiration element is provided by our Laureates through our curricula and Annual Conference. The Action involves young people analysing a social issue that concerns them, drawing up an action plan and carrying out a community project with the aim of making a difference.


Joanna Safarik


European Peer Training Organisation

Past Project Partner

The European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO) has existed for 20 years and has trained hundreds of youth, teachers and youth workers across Europe, offering personal and professional development, inspiring “success-stories” with the creation of new legal organisations and informal movements, and helping them tackle exclusion in their own communities.

EPTO supports young people in Europe embrace their differences and realize their unique potential. EPTO has learned by doing since its beginning, developing projects with devotion, and supporting active and motivated youth wanting to make a difference. EPTO was created by young people and is led by young people through membership present in about 14 countries.
Through trainings, peer forums, multi-day and short-term workshops, newsletters and its website, EPTO coordinates a network of peer trainers throughout Europe who have led workshops for thousands of additional youth in the last 20 years.


Cathy Del Rizzo



Past Project Partner

The CED-Group trains and advises professionals in education and child care. Together with practical environments, we develop innovative educational products. That is what we do. What makes us unique is our passion for education, education that provides children with opportunities. But most of all, we are proud of our results. Because at the CED-Group, we go for results: if with our help, professionals can succeed in bringing out the best in children, we have really achieved something.

The CED-Group helps education facilities and child care to innovate and focuses on the growth of employees in the workplace. We supervise, support, train and coach professionals in education in themes such as language, mathematics, didactic methods, learning achievements, result-oriented work methods, social skills and appropriate education. The CED-Group also develops methods and curriculums. The organisation develops educational products and services based on evidence-based principles and always in collaboration with practical environments.



Past Project Partner

“Ofensiva Tinerilor” Association was founded in 2004 by a team of dedicated youth workers, with the mission of offering young people accessible educational opportunities that would help them achieve their full potential.

Since 2014 we have been a member of the European Peer Training Organisation, sharing a common vision: “People enjoy learning from each other how to embrace their differences and realize their unique potential”. In the spirit of this vision, we have implemented several peer-education programmes on various topics such as diversity and anti-discrimination, religious diversity, gender equality, and inner-diversity.

An essential element of our work is the European cooperation and exchange as a means of supporting persons belonging to different backgrounds to embrace cultural diversity, understand the common European values, and develop responsibility in the community. Many of our initiatives are organised in cooperation with international partners with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme and different pilot calls of the European Commission.

Given our mission, one of the important target groups we are addressing is persons belonging to vulnerable groups, who are often excluded and face important barriers in achieving their full potential. We especially focus on youngsters with mental disabilities, visual impairments, refugees/asylum seekers, minorities and the ones coming from rural areas.

For all of our results in the field of European cooperation and promotion of European values, the “European Institute of Romania” awarded us in December 2017 the “Excellence Award for the promotion of European spirit and values”.



Past Project Partner in Luxembourg

4motion is an educational actor committed to social change based on the principles of cooperation, solidarity and inclusion. We develop educational tools, provides awareness-raising activities and trainings aimed at challenging stereotypes and prejudices, working for equal opportunities for all, inclusion, education, employability, well-being and promoting civic participation.

4motion has been since its foundation in 2002 an active member of EPTO and actively engaged in the network and organisation of peer trainings. In the meanwhile 4motion has broadened significantly its scope and works with all publics.

4motion is also affiliated to the International Step by Step Association (ISSA).

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PeaceJam Foundation


PeaceJam Europe and PeaceJam Chapters in Europe are affiliates of PeaceJam Foundation, based in the United States.

To know more about PeaceJam, visit the Foundaiton website:


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