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  • Fatima Alhodzic

The reading brain in the digital age: the science of paper vs screens

One of the EYT members has performed an interesting project with small street libraries. People could leave or take a book for a reading from a small “book box” installed in the walking area. When compared with different articles stating the importance of reading, one cannot avoid questions about the efficiency and importance of ‘real’, physical copy books and their place in the digital era - especially in a time when paper books are “less popular” amongst youth.

Everyday life requires adaptation to the techniques and technologies, including e-books and reading from the screens. Technology offers new and interesting solutions, availability of many sources of information and books from all around the globe just by one click. Science has a different, more critical approach. The influence of the technology and quality of the information we are taking in has been questioned. As students and young people are the most affected groups of the population (and there is a great focus on memorizing and understanding the information around us), what is the difference in the quality and advantages of the paper book reading over the e-books?

As the new school year is starting, we bring you two articles referring to the advantages and disadvantages of paper reading vs e-reading.

Our recommendation is to read both and find your own ways of reading, learning, and adjusting to novel technologies. Our attention spans, ways of studying, reading and working are all different, so do take time to explore what works best for you, and ask for support from your school, university or institution.

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