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Celebrating International Peace Day 2021

On International Peace Day, two of our core team members (Ellie and Luke) tuned in to a school in Prague to talk all things peace with some of the pupils!

The aim of the sessions was to try and get the pupils to think about how they could contribute to peacebuilding in their local communities. We started small and began by thinking of simple acts kindness. It was wonderful to hear about some of the amazing, selfless acts these kids had already carried out at such a young age; from street clean ups with family to animal fostering and simply offering a helping hand to friends.

The session was relaxed, fun and included energizing games to get the kids focused and ready to share their thoughts and experiences. We hope to check in with the kids soon and hear all the amazing acts of kindness that they continue to carry out!

How did you celebrate International Peace Day? 💙

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