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Educating for Peace matters!

As we commemorate the International Day of Education today, it's crucial to recognize the transformative power education holds in shaping individuals into agents of peace. UNESCO's 2024 call for "learning for peace" emphasises the need to empower learners with knowledge, values, and skills to actively contribute to peace in their communities. The UNESCO Futures of Education Report (2021) and the Transforming Education Summit (2022) underscore the urgent need for a reimagined, multidisciplinary education to address contemporary challenges.

Peace, seen as an active process reliant on daily individual actions, requires education to be more than a conduit for knowledge—it must be a catalyst for personal and societal development.

Beyond the classroom, youth clubs and peace organisations play a crucial role in this transformative journey, creating a culture of peace and contributing to the collective well-being of societies in our interconnected world.

UNESCO, 2024

Teaching Peace

In the face of a global surge in violent conflicts and a disturbing rise in discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and hate speech, there is an urgent need to embed peace into the curriculum.

These pervasive issues extend beyond geographical, gender, racial, religious, political, and online/offline boundaries, impacting communities worldwide. By integrating peace education into the curriculum, we equip learners with the essential tools to understand, address, and ultimately prevent such conflicts. A curriculum centred on peace fosters a deep comprehension of the root causes of violence and instils values of empathy, tolerance, and respect for diversity. This holistic approach not only addresses immediate challenges but also contributes to shaping future generations committed to building a more harmonious and inclusive global society.

By emphasising the importance of empathy, dialogue, and conflict resolution within the curriculum, we not only acknowledge the pivotal role of the younger generation but also empower them to actively contribute to the creation of a more harmonious world.

What is Peace Jam doing?

PeaceJam, with its initiatives including peace education programs, conferences, and service projects, can play a crucial role in instilling a sense of responsibility, global awareness, and peacemaking skills among youth. Through direct interaction with Nobel laureates and other impactful changemakers, participants gain insights into the laureates' experiences and learn about their efforts to address global challenges. The organisation's goal is to motivate and equip young individuals to become leaders and agents of positive change, promoting peace, justice, and sustainability.

Billion Acts, one of Peace Jam's initiatives nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize eight times, is set to host an upcoming event on February 23rd, 2024. This event invites participants to meet the 2024 Billion Acts Fellows and kick off the exciting Peace Olympics. Awardees, selected from an impressive 11 million Acts of Peace worldwide, will be welcomed into the Billion Acts Family during this gathering. The Peace Olympics, a highlight of the event, promises an epic contest where participants can unleash their inner peacemakers.

Engaging in contests, each act of peace, campaign, or peace profile created earns participants Peace Points on the Billion Acts website. 

From spreading joy to catalysing waves of positive change, every constructive action contributes to climbing the leaderboard. Top Peace Point Olympians will be eligible for next year's Fellowship, offering a unique and rewarding incentive. The event is not only an opportunity to meet the new 2024 Peace Olympians but also a chance to gain insights from Nobel Laureates and take part in the launch of the Peace Olympics with engaging contests. 

Participants are encouraged to start their Olympic training now to maximise their Peace Points and enhance their chances for success in the upcoming Peace Olympics. 

We will e-see you there!

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